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Why Use Dentures for Missing Teeth?

A person who has missing teeth can have dentures to replace them. Dentures are artificial teeth attach to a plastic or metal plate that fits inside your mouth.

False teeth is the more common name to dentures. If you look at false teeth, they are teeth made of either porcelain or acrylic and they are attached to a base which looks like the gums which is pink in color and is made of acrylic. Dentures are natural looking teeth.

Dentures are beneficial since you have teeth replacement which looks very natural. It may look like natural teeth but it also feels like natural teeth. With dentures, you feel more confident in public.

You will have a boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence if you replace you missing teeth with dentures.

When your missing teeth are replaced with dentures, then you can now easily talk with a clear, natural voice.

You will now have an easy time chewing your food if dentures are properly fit. You now have a better bite. With dentures, there will be no more restrictions on the food you can eat.

Missing teeth gives your face a collapsed and sunken look. But dentures give shape to your lips and cheeks and makes you look younger.

You can either get a complete denture or a partial denture.

If you use complete or full dentures, then the whole of it will fit over your gums and your palate. A full denture is for someone who has lost all of his natural teeth.

One type of full dentures is the conventional dentures which can only be worn when the tissues have healed after extraction which is about a month after. Immediate dentures are also full dentures but it can be worn straightway but has to be adjusted to fit properly during the healing process.

If you still have remaining teeth or implants but you want to have a full denture, then you can get an overdenture which puts a denture over all your remaining teeth.

Partial dentures or bridges fills the gap left by missing teeth. These false teeth are made from metal or plastic or acrylic and are attached to a pink gum-colored base.

One type of partial denture is a removable partial denture or bridge which uses metal clasps to attach to natural teeth. It is easy to remove it and place it back with out any professional help.

A permanent bridge also replaces missing teeth but they are permanently attached to natural teeth roots or dental implants to support it. The person wearing it cannot remove them. If you want stable but expensive dentures, then you should get permanent partial dentures. Proper care and proper fit will give this permanent partial denture a long life.

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