Using Part Time Jobs to Your Employment Advantage

It’s always a possibility that we may one day find ourselves on the wrong end of a layoff slip. When that happens, and we’re being walked out the front gate for the last time, we tend to go back to the same old tired job-hunting strategies we always employ. This is the case almost every single time we need to find a new job.

Going out and getting a job similar to the one you had and which pays just as much can be a real challenge, these days. But this might not be the way to go, to be honest. Actually, it’s possible to get the same income by combing two or even three jobs together, at least in the short run.

In our new global economy, part time jobs will be a hard fact of life. The typical part time worker spends less than eight hours on the job, for the most part, and tends to do so because that was what was best for his or her circumstances. And they never had a problem with part time wages, too. Nowadays, it may actually be beneficial to us to look at the possibilities present in the kinds of jobs which are part time.

The growth of the part time job sector is steady and ever-increasing. Because of the global nature of economics now, and the vast penetration of the Internet — which makes dealing with somebody in Beijing as easy as talking to the cubicle dweller next door — even more part time employment is anticipated. After all, employers need employees on the job when it makes the most sense for the business. This fact has almost completely replaced old-style industrial manufacturing in scope and breadth. Also, many of these jobs can be done at home, in front of a computer.

How then, to deal with this new world? How can you take advantage of the part time reality to turn it to your profitable advantage? Can you make as much a week as you did in your old full-time job? Yes, you can…but it’ll take planning and some intelligence. And don’t fall into those “make a million dollars a day working from home” come-ons.

Most of the time, a part time job will realize a one-half to one-third income replacement potential. It proceeds, then, that you’d need at least a couple of them to make what you were once making in your old full time job, if that’s the way you want to go. But if you’re ready to fully harness the Internet to your advantage, you could make much more.

If you’re ready, however, to strike out on your own and to find out what you have can have versus just keeping what you already have, the potential to replace that income you lost exists. And the jobs you hold down may just be the ones that you create all on your own.

Don’t be afraid of part time jobs. If they’re done correctly and with some intelligence, they can help greatly. Be nimble, be flexible in scheduling and be wise in the ways of part time employment. Turn the Internet to your advantage and be bold and brave of spirit. In the end, you could find yourself much more enriched, both in the pocketbook and in your heart.